Tri-Laminate Wristbands - Ideal for Rugged Use/Multi-Day Events

Choose from our many colors and styles of Tri-Laminate Wristbands. Order our stock Wristbands or custom-printed Tri-Laminate Wristbands with your design and copy. Kardwell International's Tri-Laminate armbands fit anyone's wrist. These Wristbands are ultra stretch-resistant and come in boxes of 500. Stock Tri-Laminate armbands are available for immediate shipment.

Delivery time for small quantities of custom-printed Tri-Laminate Wristbands is a week to ten days. Delivery time for large quantities of custom imprinted tri-laminate wristbands is about two weeks. For custom plastic bracelet pricing or to place an order, please contact us at 1-800-233-0828.

Tri-Laminate Liquid Glitter 3/4" Wristbands

Liquid Glitter 3/4" Tri-Laminate Wristbands

Colorful Holographic Design on Metallic Tri-Laminate Wristbands.

Tri-Laminate Metallic 3/4" Wristbands

Tri-Laminate Metallic 3/4" Wristbands

Choose from three holographic designs on shiny silver tri-laminate wristbands.

Tri-Laminate Kaleidoscope 1/2" Wristbands

Tri-Laminate Kaleidoscope Wristbands

Colorful, Shimmering, Metallic Tri-Laminate Wristbands

Our Tri-Laminate Wristbands are ideal tools for visual identification. You can use Tri-Laminate wristbands for admission control, crowd management, security, special privilege passes, restricted area access, age identification, group identification, and many other purposes. Tri-Laminate Wristbands are 10 inches long, come in a variety of widths, and fit anyone's wrist. These plastic wristbands are strong, light-weight, waterproof and ultra stretch-resistant for maximum security. Their locking plastic snap; prevents transfer. Tri-Laminate armbands are available in regular and custom designs, and you can choose from many different colors, including neon. Tri-Laminate wrist bands come in quantities of 500 bands. To order Custom Tri-Laminate Wristbands, please contact us at 1-800-233-0828. Stock tri-laminate wristbands are available for immediate shipment.

To Order, Please Call 1-800-233-0828